About Us

ChainWorks is a software development and consulting firm specialized in blockchain technology. We empower companies to navigate the complexities of blockchain technologies and decide its suitability for their use-cases. In addition, we provide accelerated development and deployment of appropriate platforms for clients who have planned to implement blockchain.

Our support is blockchain agnostic and our expertise covers various platforms including Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda and Neo. We are also experienced in working with other server-side and front-end technologies including Android and Nodejs and provide complete end to end deployment solutions.

Our Services


Blockchain applicability testing, Architecture consulting, Strategic Planning, Developer and Executive Training. We help clients to be updated with information on the latest developments in the landscape.


Design and development of appropriate platform and technologies to address the use-cases. In addition to core blockchain technologies, we support integration with various technologies including: Oracles, Server-side technologies and Front-end Android clients.


Management of network and the infrastructure necessary to host the solutions.

Proof of Concepts


KYC Verification, Issue and Sharing platform on blockchain. Designed for Banks and SMEs to cut on-boarding KYC costs and time

  • Enables KYC verification sharing with other organisations without comprising client privacy
  • Reduces on-boarding time by eliminating the need for re-verification
  • Saves third-party authentication agencies (AUA) engagement costs


Blockchain wallet pegged to INR to store and distribute cash transparently. Useful for P2P lending and companies which handle peoples' investments

  • Allows investors to view where firms spend their money
  • Uses UPI signature verification to eliminate pegged currency frauds
  • Ideal for firms which manage other peoples' money and need clear auditability - like P2P lending firms and Microfinance

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