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We're chainworks, a team of entrepreneurs helping enterprises and government agencies identify potential use-cases of blockchain and build solutions to implement the technology. Having worked on multiple in-house, startup, MNC and government projects from development to deployment to support, we bring collectively more than 15 years experience in product research and development to help you frame the right questions to ensure a successful product launch.


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Being true to Agile methodology, we build applications which tackle the core of the business problem and can keep evolving based on stakeholder feedback. Our approach to development is three-pronged:


We place high importance in identifying the correct problem before attempting any solution. Each new project begins with multiple conversations with our customers to gain an understanding of the existing systems and the stakeholders. Once we have an overview, we work with our customers to narrow down an intial scope of development.


We understand that it is near impossible to get the solution right on the first attempt. To overcome this, we use our expertise in various development and DevOps frameworks to identify a correct set of tools to address the problem and quickly build a scaffolding project which would be available all stakeholders to use and give feedback.


All good products are evolving projects responding continuously to the stakeholder feedback and demands for new features. Keeping this in mind, we architect our projects to be modular and be extensible to accomodate new features. This means our products begin a small core with strong foundations and keep evolving with incremental changes.

To achieve this, we bring expertise from different platforms to ensure the best solution on multiple dimensions including features, pricing and security. While we can deliver in any custom environment, these are some of the tools and frameworks we specialize in

data protection & security

We place a huge importance on data protection and application security. All data shared with us is subjected to a stringent SOP to eliminate any chance of data exposure. In addition to the best practices we follow, we also work with the customer's teams to comply with any internal standards. Here are some key security measures we take to guarantee a safe application development


All data shared is handled by one SPOC and is anonymized before working with it in the dev environment


Development team access to the testing environment databases is strictly guarded with user role - based accesses with access expiries in place


Each application follows the industry standard security best practices for security. We use Snyk to make sure we handle vulnerabilities against the most recent vulnerability database


Our applications are submitted to an independent third-party CERT-in empaneled agency to audit for OWASP vulnerabilities before deployment


While we also provide a HIPAA compliant user management, we also integrate (and suggest using) custom SSO logins to use the customer's existing enterprise login service to maximize security


All our data is stored in HIPAA compliant databases and the data residence location is decided by the customer

For more details, please refer to ourand ourDocuments


The research and product development background of our team equips us to better manage our projects.

Jitendra Franciss Sadangi
M.Sc Mathematics IIT Bombay
Ketan Bhokray
B.Tech Aerospace Engg. IIT Bombay
Tejasharee Gaidhani
M.Sc Mathematics Pune University

Our key employees and interns whose efforts make it all possible


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